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who makes class-prototype

Is the class prototype created by calling allocate-instance?

According to the documentation of class-prototype on pg 3-17 of the march


       The value of this reader is an instance of the class. ...

       Remarks: This instance may be a completely blank instance
       as created by allocate-instance ... The only thing
       guaranteed about this instance is that it will respond
       properly to class-of and will select a method specialized
       on this class or any subclass.

       It is not specified when this instance is created...

Like several other people of late, I've created a meta class that does
something special for allocate-instance.  It is important that I know if
the current call is to create a "real" instance, or the prototype.

If it is permitted/expected that allocate-instance will create the
prototype, how do I tell if the current call is creating the instance?
It appears that the sentence about "It is not specified when" explicitly
precludes me from assuming that I can use class-finalized-p or
class-initialized-p for this purpose.

If it is not permitted/expected that allocate-instance will create the
prototype, then several allocate-instance methods in pcl need to be