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errors compiling pcl under Symbolics 7.1

	While compiling slots.lisp, I got the following error:

Error: The symbol NIL has an invalid function definition...
(This while compiling (defmethod (setf class-direct-methods)... ).

	In fact, this error seems to crop up whenever I try to compile a
setf method; i.e. something that looks like 
	(defmethod (setf foo) 
		(args) (etc)(etc))

	Unfortunately, I am not enough of a Symbolics wizard to be able
to figure out what is going on.  Has anyone else run into this problem,
and if so do you know what to do about it?  We have begun to depend
rather heavily on PCL here, and unfortunately I blew away our pre-AAAI
PCL when I I ftp'ed the new one, so I'd very much like to get this new
PCL working ASAP

			Thanks, Mike Sokolov