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Re: Bug in class allocated slot initialization

    Date: Sun, 2 Oct 88 14:51 EDT
    From: "Eric H. Nielsen" <AIDEN@UMAECS.BITNET>

    I am using the the pcl version 8/2/88 (beta) August 2nd, 1988 with some
    patches.  I have found a bug in the initialization of class allocated slots:

    It occurs only when pcl::*slotd-unsupplied* is eq to the initialized value,
       e.g. t or nil.

    (setq pcl::*slotd-unsupplied* nil)

You can't set the value of pcl::*slotd-unsupplied*!  I don't know what
you are trying to achieve by doing this, but it is punching PCL in the
nose pretty hard, and so you get the bug you observe.