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Son of Xerox-Low.lisp

Oops, I screwed up.  The correct version of the last form in the file
should be:

(defun set-function-name-1 (fn new-name uninterned-name)
  (cond ((typep fn 'il:compiled-closure)
	 (il:\\rplptr (compiled-closure-fnheader fn) 4 new-name)
; add the '(' for this form ^
	 (when (and (consp uninterned-name)
		    (eq (car uninterned-name) 'method))
	   (let ((debug (si::compiled-function-debugging-info fn)))
	     (when debug (setf (cdr debug) uninterned-name)))))
	(t nil))

The previous version, while now semantically correct, is functionally
wrong. Sorry.