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Re: generic-function-pretty-arglist

[Re: getting an error in a call to generic-function-pretty-arglist]

I have encountered the same problem.  I fixed it, but since I hadn't been
getting pcl mail in a while, I didn't bother reporting it -- I figured someone
would have fixed and reported it by now.  

Anyway, the problem is in the file methods.lisp in the function
generic-function-pretty-arglist.  Here is the patched 8/24 version.  I haven't
had a chance to get the new version yet, so I don't know if this change is
compatible.  I think it probably is.

To patch an existing pcl: just re-evaluate this new definition.  There don't
seem to be any serious side-effects.

(defmethod generic-function-pretty-arglist
	   ((generic-function standard-generic-function))
  (let ((methods (generic-function-methods generic-function))
	(arglist ()))      
    (when methods
      (multiple-value-bind (required optional rest key allow-other-keys)
	  (method-pretty-arglist (car methods))
	(dolist (m (cdr methods))
	  (multiple-value-bind (method-key method-allow-other-keys)
	      (method-pretty-arglist-1 m)
	    (setq key (union key method-key))
	    (setq allow-other-keys (or allow-other-keys
	(when allow-other-keys
	  (setq arglist '(&allow-other-keys)))
	(when key
	  (setq arglist (nconc (list '&key) key arglist)))
	;; I made a small patch here.  This bug was making lucid's debugger
	;; ill.  d.d. 10/26/88
	;(when rest
	;  (setq arglist (nconc (list '&rest) rest arglist)))
	(when rest
	  (setq arglist (nconc (list '&rest rest) arglist)))
	(when optional
	  (setq arglist (nconc (list '&optional) optional arglist)))
	(nconc required arglist)))))
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