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Re: Lucid compiler barfs

The problem with Lucid which Michael Sokolov pointed out previously (see
below) is still present for the 12/7/88 version (at least for Sun Common Lisp,
Development Environment 2.1.1, 10-Aug-88).  The fix still works.


>Date: Mon, 22 Aug 88 20:30:05 EDT
>From: Michael Sokolov <sokolov@edu.mit.media.a-boy>
>Message-Id: <8808230030.AB01482@a-boy>

>	For some strange reason, the Lucid compiler goes into an
>infinite loop when trying to compile the function "describe-instance"
>in high.lisp of 8/28/88 AAAI PCL.  While tail merging, It complains
>about the argument list to describe-slot:

>> ;;; Compiling function DESCRIBE-INSTANCE...tail merging...
>;;; Warning: Malformed optional argument (ALLOCATION (QUOTE NIL)

>This seems like a compiler bug to me, but this seems to patch over the
>rough spots:

>(The key here is to make alloc-p an explicit keyword argument and
>bypass whatever weirdness is happening as a result of the supplied-p
>parameter. I don't claim to understand it.)