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Finding "Non-applicable" Methods

The CLOS Spec in Chapters 1 & 2 offers a way to find all applicable methods
for a given set of arguments, but it doesn't seem to provide any way to
determine what methods might be applicable to a different set of arguments.
What I would like to see is (1): a way to get all currently defined methods
on a particular generic function, and (2): a way to determine, given a method
object, what set of arguments would select it.  Is there a 
portable way to do this with the spec as it now stands?  If not, is it
still possible to submit something like this as a cleanup proposal?
Applications would include:

(1): Debugging (the obvious one)

(2): A coercion planner.  Given a multi-method coerce-meth that takes
an object and a type to coerce it to, define a default case that will try
to plan a multi-step strategy to coerce the object to a type based on
all currently defined coercions (if I want to coerce an A to a D, and have
methods defined to coerce an A to a B, a B to a C, and a C to a D, this
would be an acceptable strategy).

(3): A DWIM-like fixup method when no-applicable-method arises
(determine what methods do exist, and query the user about using methods
that are "close" to the actual arguments supplied).


Dave Wallace