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Return Value of Defclass

    Date: Thu, 26 Jan 89 13:41:50 PST
    From: Dan Larner <LARNER@Score.Stanford.EDU>

    Parhaps this has appeared somewhere before, but defclass doesn't return the
    nes class object as its result.  Problem appears to be down in the function
    make-top-level-form, where an (eval-when ()) is generated for non GCLisp
    and Coral versions.  

This is on our list of bugs to fix.
			 Also MakeInstance doesnt't seem to call initialize-
    instance as advertized in the spec (at least in the AAAI version).

This question has been asked repeatedly.  As near as I can tell, people
ask it because they haven't read the xxx-notes.text file which discusses
this point.

To all PCL users:

  Whenever there is a new PCL, it is important to read the notes.text
  file completely and carefully.  If you skip releases, you should go
  back to read the interim xxx-notes.text files.

  PCL has too little documentation.  To compensate, you have to read
  what little there is completely!