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Re: Tektronix ExCL vs PCL

>> I am having trouble getting the latest version of PCL (12/7/88) running
>> on ExCl on a Tektronix 4317.  The version of PCL shipped with the
>> distribution is 5-87, an antique, so I got  the latest.

I've just mailed you a new fin.cl and a patch file that should allow
you to compile the 12-7-88 PCL without incident.  We apologize for
the antiquity of the PCL that you got with the distribution, but it's
a result of PCL versions being released more frequently than ExCL 

>> Where it matters, in fin.cl, the
>> system is being treated as a sun3 since the test is for gsgc and not sun4.
>> If I force sun4, fin.cl won't compile.  
>> Anyway, the compilation is halted in vector.cl with the following error.
>> Any ideas?

The comment about the sun3 (in the file fin.cl) is a relic from the
days of the 5-87 PCL.  It was intended, at the time, to include all
Motorola 68K-based machines (such as the Tektronix 4317).  It should 
now be updated to read "Everything except Sun4 and CRAY" to avoid 
creating the sort of confusion you have found yourself in.  We will
correct this as well.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  Please send mail to 
franz!cl-bugs if you have any further problems with ExCL.

							George Jacob
							Franz Inc.