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I was looking for a way to find the lambda list of a generic function in
PCL, and found the (non-exported) function pcl::function-arglist.  If there
is something else I should be using, could someone tell me what (and ignore the
rest of this message.)
Incidentally, is there a function in CLOS (standard or meta) for this, or
has common lisp cleanup approved an ARGLIST accessor for all functions?

Otherwise, (in no-cute-name pcl) FUNCTION-ARGLIST seems to do what I
expect in the symbolics implementation, but not in the ti explorer 
implementation, as shown below.

(defclass my-class () ((my-slot :reader my-slot)))

(pcl::function-arglist  'my-slot)
==> (MY-CLASS) ;on the symbolics pcl
==> (&REST PCL:ARGS) ;on the explorer pcl