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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 89 05:27:35 -0500
From: Steve Vinter <vinter@bbn.com>
Message-Id: <8903091027.AA27699@pineapple.bbn.com>
To: kanderson@pineapple.bbn.com
Subject: FYI -- where the hell did they announce it, anyway????

From: Rick Floyd <rfloyd>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 89 18:05:06 EST
To: wwalker
Cc: vinter
Subject: [crowl@cs.rochester.edu: Re:  OOPSLA '89?]

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 89 17:54:06 EST
From: crowl@cs.rochester.edu
To: rfloyd@bbn.com
Subject: Re:  OOPSLA '89?

I have a paper call for participation for OOPSLA'89.  The highlights
for papers are:

topics are
    applications, design, databases, user interfaces, tools and environments,
    software engineering, education, languages, implementation, and theory

short papers (<= 15 double spaced typewriter pages or 3000 words)
    may have content specific to a single language or system

long papers (<= 25 double spaced typewriter pages or 4500 words)
    make a contribution to object-oriented programming in general

a separate cover sheet includes
    title, authors' names, affiliations, addresses (postal and electronic),
    telephone numbers, 100 word abstract, number of words in the paper,
    a list of keywords, the topic chosen, and choice of short or long paper 

submission notes
    send five copies of the paper including cover sheet
    papers that are late, too long, or with inadequate cover sheets
        will not be reviewed
    papers must be received by 17 March 1989
    acceptance notification by 15 May 1989
    final camera-ready copies by 30 June 1989

send submissions to

    Kent Beck
    OOPSLA'89 Program Chair
    Apple Computer, Inc.
    20525 Mariani, MS 42C
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    (408) 974-6027

Note that the deadline is pretty tight already.


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