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RE: Failed to port PCL to VMS, DEC Common Lisp

Since the release of VAX LISP V2.2, the X3J13 standards committee approved a
language change which specifies that FLET and LABELS functions have an implicit
BLOCK, in the same way that DEFUN functions do.  Future releases of VAX LISP
will implement this language change.  In the meantime, you can compile
DCODE.LISP in VAX LISP V2.2 simply by adding your own explicit BLOCK form in

Jacky Combs sent this out as a patch to the CommonLoops mailing list on
2-Mar-1989.  I will be happy to send you another copy of that patch if you
don't have the original message.


P.S.  Just for the record, there's no such thing as "DEC Common Lisp".  Our
product is known as VAX LISP.