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Re: Understanding Method Combination.

> The MOP provides this behavior, and PCL implements a version of it.  In
> fact, much of this is specified in chapters 1 and 2.
> COMPUTE-APPLICABLE-METHODS (generic-function args)
>   This accepts a generic function and a list of arguments and
>   returns the ordered list of methods applicable to those arguments.
> COMPUTE-EFFECTIVE-METHOD-BODY (generic-function methods)
>   This takes a generic function and a list of methods and returns
>   the `effective method body' of the effective method.  So, this
>   does the actual method combination.  Note that the arguments to
>   this will change slightly in a future release.

This may work in PCL, but there isn't any COMPUTE-EFFECTIVE-METHOD-BODY
in chapter 3 of the CLOS specs.  There is only COMPUTE-EFFECTIVE-METHOD,
which returns the complete method object rather than a form.