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Lucid 3.0.2 Optimization botch

"5/5/89  Cinco de Mayo PCL" has a problem on Lucid 3.0 with the optimizing
compiler. On a Sun 3/60, SunOS 4.0.1, Sun Common Lisp 3.0.2,
pcl runs test.lisp correctly when compiled with the default (development)
compiler mode. However, when (proclaim '(optimize (compilation-speed 0)))
is evaluated prior to (load "defsys") in order to use the production
mode of the compiler, the following happens:

  % pcl-3.0-fast


  > (load "test.lisp")


  Testing shared-initialize with T argument and initargs...OK
  Testing initialization arguments rules test...OK
  Testing more tests for initialization arguments rules...OK
  Testing initialization protocols...
  >>Error: SYSTEM:STRUCTURE-TYPE called with 5 arguments, but only 1 argument is allowed

     Required arg 0 (X): #<FOO 66531513>
  :C  0: Ignore extra arguments
  :A  1: Abort to Lisp Top Level


I am happy (for the moment) with the development-mode compilation, so am
not really looking for a solution. This feels like a Lucid bug rather than
a pcl bug.

					Skip Egdorf