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Declaration of valid initialization args.

More than a month ago I sent out a description of a problem I was 
having in declaring method arguments to be valid initialization arguments 
in either the allocate-instance, initialize-instance or shared-instance 
method.  Make-instance calls compute-applicable-methods on each of the 
three methods in an effort to validate ALL initialization arguments 
(including method arguments).  Yet from what kanderso@dino.bbn.com has 
mentioned, and from what I have seen, compute-applicable-methods will 
return the correct value only after its generic function argument has 
been called at least once.  Thus, allocate-instance, initialize-instance 
and shared-instance must be called once before make-instance will recognize 
method arguments as valid initialization arguments.  This seems to be a 

What are your thoughts CLOS gurus?
Darrell Shane