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Re: Franz Allegro 3.0.3 compilation error

	From Owners-CommonLoops.pa@Xerox.COM Wed Sep 20 17:10:52 1989
	Return-Path: <jcf@linus.mitre.org>
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	Return-Path: <jcf@linus.mitre.org>
	Posted-Date: Wed, 20 Sep 89 17:45:47 edt
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	Date: Wed, 20 Sep 89 17:45:47 edt
	From: jcf@linus.mitre.org (James C. Fohlin)
	To: CommonLoops.pa@Xerox.COM
	Cc: jcf@linus.mitre.org
	Subject: Franz Allegro 3.0.3 compilation error
	I have seen two occurrences of the following report, but no answers.
	Would someone please provide advice on how to solve the problem?
	Allegro CL 3.0.3.sun3.1 [sun3] (5/5/89 7:08)
	Copyright (C) 1985-1988, Franz Inc., Berkeley, CA, USA
	<cl> :ld defsys
	<cl> (pcl::compile-pcl)
	Compiling PKG...
	Loading binary of PKG...
	Compiling WALK...
	Loading binary of WALK...
	Compiling ITERATE...
	Warning: variable V is used yet it was declared ignored
	Loading binary of ITERATE...
	Compiling MACROS...
	Loading binary of MACROS...
	Compiling LOW...
	Loading binary of LOW...
	Compiling EXCL-LOW...
	Loading binary of EXCL-LOW...
	Compiling FIN...
	Loading binary of FIN...
	Compiling DEFS...
	Warning: variable DEFAULT is never used
	Loading binary of DEFS...
	Compiling BOOT...
	recursive format error, would have printed: 
	"Funcall of ~s which is a non-function." 
	0 recursive format error, would have printed: 
	"Funcall of ~s which is a non-function." 
	---compile hangs here---
	Thanks for your help.
	Jim Fohlin                                         (617) 271-7505
	The MITRE Corporation, M/S A129                     jcf@mitre.org
	Burlington Rd, Bedford, MA  01730                   ...!linus!jcf
This is a known problem with versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.3 (on the Sun 3)
and 3.0.1 on the Sun 4 (and similar versions on other machines).  It
is fixed with patch 25 which is available for any implementation of
Allegro CL.  Anyone who needs patch 25 can get a copy by sending a
request to cl-bugs@franz.com.  Please be sure to specify the version
of Allegro you are running (it is printed in the banner among other
places), the machine and OS version you are running Allegro on, and
who you are and who you work for.  (It is also a good idea to include
a dribble file showing the error so we can be sure that it is patch 25
you need.)

As with any bugs, problems, or questions about Allegro CL, the fastest 
response comes when you send (or Cc) your message directly to 
cl-bugs@franz.com (or call (415) 548-3600).

David Margolies
Franz Inc.