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re: CLOS browsers

Robert Coyne asks:

>    Are there any reasonably good publicly available browers for CLOS
>    that allow you to peruse or summarize class definitions, slot info,
>    documentation, etc. ?  If so, could someone provide a pointer to how to
>    get one, install it and use it in conjunction with PCL ?  Thanks,

Joachim Laubsch (laubsch@hplabs.hp.com) graciously supplied us with
his extensive GNU/Common Lisp interface.  I have made it available via
anonymous ftp to math.ufl.edu <> under the filename
~ftp/pub/gnu-cl2.tar.Z.  If you experience any problems retrieving it,
please query me: fischer@slothrop.math.ufl.edu.

An extract from Joachim's description is appended below.

------------------- included text follows -------------------

Thanks for your interest in the CLOS Browser.  It is part of a larger
GnuEmacs Lucid CL interface (which does not use Lucid's built in
editor, but Gnu Emacs instead).  See a summary at the end:

There are three options:

(1) If you are using HP COMMON LISP II (Lucid), X11 or X10, and GNU
Emacs, it makes sense for you to get the entire code. 

(2) For those who have a SUN and Lucid CL and GNU (or those who don't
want the whole thing): It would not require much work to adapt this.
I can only think of the activation of menus via the mouse as having to
be modified.  If you want to ONLY use the Inspector part, it needs a
minor amount of work.  Basically you have to redefine run-lisp s.t. it
starts a process with a filter "lisp-filter-prompts" which is a
function that first parses the CL output to see whether there is
something special to be displayed by Emacs.  The CL part
(clos-inspect.l) should require no modification. 

(3) For those who have Allegro: I have no idea whether it would work
at all.  (I doubt it very much, since a detailed defnition of inspect
is not part of the CL-standard.)  

          GNU-Emacs Interface to HP Common Lisp II (Version 1.5)
          Joachim Laubsch (laubsch@hplabs.hp.com)

Requirements:  	GNU-Emacs with popup-menus, X11 or X10, HPCLII.
		(May also by used via M-x commands without window system.)

Features:       CL mode with many useful commands, e.g. completion
		of LISP symbols, evaluating regions or expressions.

		Notification in modeline about package, DEBUG mode and level.

		Inspector for CL and CLOS (PCL)

		Menu-interface to debug, trace, and compiling

		Extensions and interface to Emacs TAGS facility.

		Support for running on a home (non-X) terminal.

------------------- end of included text -------------------

My thanks to Joachim Laubsch for making this available.

Randy Fischer                           fischer@slothrop.math.ufl.edu
University of Florida                   (904) 392-8501