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VICTORIA DAY PCL on medley(suite)

Tanks to Yashuhiko Kiuchi and Steve Lanning for your answers

I confirm that the compiled files in the {NB:PARC}<PCL>VICTORIA-DAY> do NOT
load correctly
for some reason, the symbol |PCL::  standard-method predicate| gets
interned twice !
The first time with the correct definition the second time with no function
definition. This makes the loading process break while loading FIXUP when
the function |PCL::  standard-method predicate| gets called.

I recompiled everything, by getting rid of the reference to the ABC file in
PCL-ENV-INTERNAL and loading exports.all.
Question: What is ABC ?

I have been able to get rid of the interpreted code by saving the classes
and method to a file, then COMPILE-FILE and LOAD the resulting dfasl file.
Question: how do you compile IN CORE ?

Also INITIALIZE-PCL-ENV in MEDLEY-PCL-ENV refers to an unknown function:

Can you email me a copy of the CLOS specification ? The only document we
have here is the 3 pages in the lyric lisp users documentation !!

Thanks ,