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function-keywords meets &rest

    Date: Sun, 7 Jan 90 16:17 PST
    From: Gregor.pa@Xerox.COM

    We may have already resolved this, but what happens when
    fucntion-keywords gets a method where the arglist has &rest.  Is the
    second returned value T??

(A second returned value of T is documented as meaning the lambda-list
specifies &allow-other-keys).

I couldn't find any evidence of this issue having been raised before.

The lambda-list congruency rules (Aug 29 1989 4:06 draft, p.4-19) don't
treat &rest and &allow-other-keys the same.  In rule 3 &rest without
&key is the same as &allow-other-keys, but in rule 4 they are different.

An implementation is not a specification, but in the Symbolics implementation
of FUNCTION-KEYWORDS currently the second value is true if and only if
(member '&allow-other-keys lambda-list) is true (provided that the
lambda-list is syntactically valid).

Unless there is a reason to change it, I would stick with the 88-002R
language, which implies that the values are NIL NIL if the lambda-list
does not contain &KEY, and that the values are not affected by the
presence of &REST.