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Persistant objects

In their AAAI88 tutorial, Bobrow and Kiczales refer to an example they
used which "[would] sketch how CLOS can be connected to a persistent
object system".

Alas, I was unable to attend, and the course notes do not mention such
a topic.

Although I have a couple of ideas on the subject, I'm new to CLOS and
would prefer to benefit from the experiences of those who have gone
before. Does anyone have any ideas, papers, ongoing research, and/or
code implementing any such mechanisms? If so, would they be so kind as
to share them?

I know of only one commercial implementation of such an idea (Mercury, AI
Technology), although various ES shells (KeeConnection, Nexpert, ART "real
soon now") have similar (albeit crude) mechanisms for mirroring "objects"
in their proprietary representation language into SQL DBMS tables.

Thank you.

Paul A. Birkel
MITRE, Mailstop W418
7525 Colshire Drive
McLean, VA  22102-3481

(703) 883-6399