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RE: new version of PCL

    Date: 7 Feb 90 08:33:13 GMT
    From: Gregor.pa@Xerox.COM

    There were times I never thought it would happen, but there is a new
    version of pcl on arisia.xerox.com.  The *pcl-system-date* for this
    version is:

	      "2/6/90  A PCL for the 90's (beta)"

I have been unable to compile CLX (R4) on a Symbolics 3650 (Genera 7.2.)
or on a Sun 3/60 (Lucid 3.0.2) using this new version of PCL.
Curiously, though, they each crash in different places.

On the Symbolics, clx.lisp bombs with error: "Error: The operand 400 was
beyond the limit, 400 for CONSTANT-OPERAND Your function probably has
too many constants or external functions." while compiling the form:
"(DEF-CLX-CLASS (DISPLAY # ...) ...)".

In Lucid, image.lisp bombs with error: ">>Error: IMAGE-X is an unknown
type."  while compiling the form: "(LUCID-COMMON-LISP:DEFINE-FUNCTION

Can anyone else verify this behavior?  I have detailed bug reports for
those who want them.

Stephen Nicoud			 snicoud@atc.boeing.com
Boeing Advanced Technology Center for Computer Sciences