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Re: Pre-compiling methods

    Date: Tue, 10 Apr 90 15:56:25 cdt
    From: george@huntsai.boeing.com (George Williams)

    I've been told that the "Rainy Day (beta 3)" version of PCL doesn't
    actually compile the methods until they are used.  In some
    implementations, such as Mac Allegro CL, when we're trying to build
    stand alone applications, the compiler is not present in the
    generated application.

Yes, PCL doesn't compile the effective (often called combined) methods
until they are used.

    Is there a mechanism to compile all of the methods that have been
    defined, but not referenced, so that when the (stand-alone)
    application is generated all of the methods will be present?

PCL has a feeble mechanism called (precompile-random-code-segments).  In
order for it to work you must have, at some point, run your application
through enough of its paces that all the combined methods will be used.

It is pretty easy to do something better, which just generates and
compiles the methods.  This is one of the many things I plan to leave to
the vendors to do.  I believe that at this point, at least one of them
has done it.  Perhaps someone can send out some portable code that does