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ANNOUNCE : ECLOS 3.3 (Metaclass library)

                        ECLOS 3.3 (Extended CLOS)

               General-purpose library of CLOS metaclasses.

ECLOS from No Software is a unique general-purpose library of CLOS metaclasses.
Designed to make your programs more declarative, ECLOS avoids time-consuming 
in-house MOP hacking to implement some commonly desired features of CLOS
objects/classes (thus bypassing implementation-specific MOP compatiblity
It can be easily installed using ordinary procedures. 

ECLOS main features include :

- self-referent class
- instance-recording-class (get to instances from their class, but 
  allow their  garbage collection).
- operating-class (implement recursive operations like `copy-object',
  `equal-object-p'  with suscint in-class specifications)
- lazy-class (establish inter-slot/access dependencies to avoid 
  initializing slots until they are needed/make-sense)
- attributed-class (arbitrary-depth attributes in slots, great for 
  frame-like programming)
- constrained-class (multi-way constraints and daemons can be stored in 
  and refer transparently to slots).
- An enhanced Delta-Blue constraint solver with a higher-order architecture
  for dynamic update of constraint graphs (no `propagate as if graph still
  unchanged' semantics).
- let*-like slot initialization semantics

For more information, contact No Software 
                              PO Box 76 
                              1422 Grandson 1
                              Phone + (41 77) 234 605, 
                              Fax   + (41 21) 6520 605, 
                              email info@no.com.

No Software