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new gate into this newsgroup

luv-95@ai.sri.com will now be gated into this newsgroup. Note that the
reverse is NOT true. That is, mail to luv-95@ai.sri.com will go both to
the mailing list and this group. Postings to this group (which
annoyingly can include selling motive transports as well as the current
address register) will NOT be echoed to the mailing list. If you really
want to reach both groups, send it to luv-95; messages that are not so
sent, and I see on this group, I may forward myself if I deem it

(this is similar to the current gate between alu@freud.arc.nasa.gov and
this group, postings to the mailing list all hit here, but I manually
forward in the reverse direction when appropriate).

Brad Miller                    miller@cs.rochester.edu
Computer Science Dept.         http://www.cs.rochester.edu/u/miller/
University of Rochester        716-275-1118 (v) 461-2018 (f)
Rochester, NY 14627-0226