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New ALU board and direction for LUV

As part of the LUV'95 conference held last August in Boston,
a new ALU board was elected (in reverse alphabetical order):

Jon L White
Lawrence Mayka (Secretary)
Peter Lindahl
Rusty Johnson (Treasuser)
Peter Halverson
Michael Harper (Vice President)
Hanoch Eiron
Olivier Clarisse (President)

A (quasi) unanimous vote by all ALU members present at the conference
gave a new direction for LUV:

In 1996, the LUV conference will become a special session on Dynamic
Objects at ObjectWorld'96 - Held in Boston.
ALU members will participate in defining its contents,
so it will be an evolution from LUV'95. The integration
with ObjectWorld will also give this session an audience in the
growing OO market while making LUV more accessible to ALU
members working in purely OOP projects.

A general concensus shared for this occasion is that
Dynamic Objects and Late Binding now offer software
solutions with unprecedented advantage in software/product evolvability.
In our rapidly changing computing and communication industry
this can be a make or break differentiation for new products.

Jo Marks presented Harlequin and "The Late-Binding Company".
During the Franz Inc. presentation, Hanoch Eiron from Franz Inc.
characterized OOP as "enabling applications to be tailored during
development and after deployment without access to source code."

Now is a good time to influence the future of this conference
and of other ALU activities, further information will be shared
on this mailing list.


Olivier Clarisse