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Stacker Trouble


I am having some Stacker ver 4 problem. I can't fix my Stacker Drive.

Detail:  I am using Stacker ver 4 to make my Hardisk "Bigger". I recently
         bought a program called " GAMERS CD (titanium collection) ".
         One of the game in it called APACHE LONGBOW 
         ( by Digital Intergration) somehow crashed my system, when I tried
         to run it. I later have trouble rebooting my PC, I can't run my 

         I use CHKDSK in D.O.S ver 6.22 to fix my computer. The program tell
         me that I have cross link files and my file directory are in a mess.
         I tried to use the command line CHKDSK/F to fix it again, but it only
         can fix part of it. And most of the rest were left are cross link 
* I have use Norton Disk Doctor in Norton Utill ver 8. But it tell me that it
  does not support STACKER.

* When I tried to use SCANDISK in D.O.S ver 6.22 it also tell me that my it
  does not support STACKER.

* When I tried to Uncompress STACKER, it told me that since my PC have error
  it can't uncompress it. 

<<<<<< I am in a lost right now, please kindly tell me what I should do?
What SOFTWARE do I need to use to fix my PC? Who can I seek help from? >>>>>>

I am open to any suggestion please reply this EMAIL. Thanks.