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DOW96 Presentation Information and Web Site

Dear DOW-96 Authors:

You should have received the text version of the program by now,
we corrected a few typos and made the Complete program of DOW-96
and your bios available at the Web site. You can see it at:

Four (4) papers are in html format, all the others are in PostScript,
you may need to set your browser to use GHOSTVIEW (PC), or
Pageview (UNIX) for example to display PostScript paper over the Web.

Before we announce this very exciting program to interested
internet newsgroups, we would like you to check the information
pertaining to your presentation at the site. Let us know if
there are any problem. There will be mirror sites available
soon. If one of you can populate a local mirror site in
Europe let us know (since 3 or 4 papers are from Europe).

Presentation details:
All presenters at the DOW-96 will have 20-25 minutes to present
their work. We suggest you have a set of 10-12 View Graphs max
to present your work in this time - to allow for questions and
discussion. We have also ordered an LCD projection panel compatible
with Mac and PC, but you should be prepared for an alternative
(i.e. view-graph transparencies).

Looking forward to meeting you at DOW-96, in a few days,

Olivier Clarisse