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New ALU Board Elected 7 days ago

Dear ALU members:

On Wednesday May 8th 1996, the annual ALU meeting
as previously announced, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

This ALU meeting was held between 7:30 and 8:15 AM with a large
representation (considering the time of day) of about 40
members. With an unanimous vote the members present elected
("delivered") within an hour, a new Board of Directors:

Olivier Clarisse, ALU President, Lucent Technologies
Byron Davies, ALU Director, Motorola
Michael Harper, ALU Vice President, ALCOA
Rusty Johnson, ALU Director and Treasurer, Mystech Associates
Peter Lindhal, ALU Director and Secretary, Mystech Associates
Howard Stearns, ALU Director, Elwood Corporation
Jim Veitch, ALU Director, Franz, Inc.
Jon L White, ALU Director, Harlequin, Inc.

In the spirit of the very dynamic conference events just held
in Boston (DOE and DOW-96 co @ Object World East), the new
directors are already actively working and negotiating for
the future of the ALU organization spanning from its new Web site
to be announced shortly and the future conference(s) and meeting(s).

We thank everyone for their active participation at the ALU events
and we are looking forward to your Dynamic future...

For the ALU board,

Olivier Clarisse