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Welcome Message

Welcome to the Express Windows mailing list.

This is an informal, unmoderated mailing list dedicated to the
discussion of topics and issues arising out of the use of Express

Express Windows is a package developed by Liszt Programming that runs on
top of either Lucid 3.0 or Allegro Common Lisp and CLX.  PCL is
optional.  Express Windows allows programs using a large subset of
Symbolics' Dynamic windows(TM) to run on general purpose hardware.

Express Windows can be found in the lisp directory on uunet.uu.net and
in the pub directory of trix.ai.mit.edu.  The title of the compressed
tar file is express-windows.tar.Z.  A copy of the copyright restrictions
can be found in the file COPYING included in the distribution.

Administrative requests (e.g., adding/deleting/changing addresses,
forwarding/resending of bounced mail, or anything else having to do with
mailing list administration) should be sent to:


Submissions should be sent to: