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Express Windows on Symbolics

It just doesn't seem to me that EW is set up to be run on the Symbolics
very well.

For one thing :UNIX and :X are pushed onto the *FEATURES* list in
system.lisp.  Removing the :UNIX push is fine, but if you remove the :X
push, you're in trouble.  The XFONTS stuff (fonts.lisp) won't get

The code is sprinkled with #+(and symbolics (not x)) and a form,
typically followed by a #+X and a form.  This suggests to me that the
Symbolics can be both a client and a server with and without X.

Now, I was successful in compiling EW on Symbolics (7.2) with CLX R4 and
May Day PCL.  I set the EW::*DEFAULT-HOST* to my Sun's name (thus the
Symbolics is merely the client), and did a (clear-all) [which after
prompting me to redefine all sorts of fonts to which I replied
(P)roceed].  The EW window came up just fine on my Sun.  I placed it
where I wanted it, and (clear-all) returned.  Next, I did (run-program
'lisp-window).  Sure enough the Lisp Window came up.  It even took a
command 'Show Environment'.  Only as soon as I touched the mouse, BANG,
ZOWIE, the windows disappeared and the (run-program 'lisp-window) form
ends up in the debugger complaining about timing out on mouse stuff.
I'm hosed from then on.  I can't run any more lisp-windows or
(clear-all) or anything, unless I reboot.

My (totally naive) guess is that there's some difference between CLX R3
and R4 which might explain this.   Can anyone verify this?  Any ideas?

So, all of this begs the question, "In what manner is EW to run on the
Symbolics?"  As client or server, with or without X?  The code seems to
indicate that EW can perform all, only I can barely get to fulfill an X
client role and not at all in any other capacity.  Right now, I need
code to run standalone on Symbolics (client and server, with no X) and
standalone in Lucid and Allegro (client and server, with X).

Of course, since EW::define-program-framework creates classes, I have to
rid myself once and for all of the message sending our applications do
to the program frameworks.  Ughh!

Stephen L. Nicoud  <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!snicoud
Boeing Advanced Technology Center for Computer Sciences