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EW with May Day PCL

   Date: Fri, 11 May 90 16:19 PDT
   From: Stephen L. Nicoud <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>

   The version of PCL provided with EW is the AAAI Day version (August
   1988).  Since we have been using Victoria Day, Rainy Day, and now, May
   Day PCL, we knew we were gonna have to convert EW for those versions.

   Here's a (hopefully somewhat complete and accurate) list of changes we
   made that make EW compatible with May Day PCL (should be fine with Rainy
   Day, too; don't know about Victoria Day, though).

What do these PCL version designations correspond to? How do I know
which one I have?  When I got EW I couldn't get it to run under lcl
3.0, so I ftped myself the latest pcl from arisia.xerox.com...

monty kosma
lockheed research

To: express-windows@atc
Reply-To: todd.kaufmann@NL.CS.CMU.EDU
Subject: New to EW, but plenty of questions (sun4/acl3.1beta)
Date: Mon, 14 May 90 11:07 PDT
From: Todd.Kaufmann@NL.CS.CMU.EDU

Okay, so I just got the big tar file and tried loading it.

It just about all loaded, until the last file:
  ; Loading /afs/cs/project/cmt-1/sun4/express-w/ew/code/lisp-window.lisp.
  Error: Invalid initialization argument :NAME for class PROGRAM-FRAMEWORK

This looks like some PCL problem, possibly version diffs between that and the
in-core version on "Allegro CL 3.1.beta.22 [Sun4] (6/8/89)".

 I just got a bunch of EW mail, and it looks like this is explained; at least
somewhat.  However, if there's anyone who's got this running on ACL3.1
already, I'd be glad to hear about any special tweaks.


ps:  cmu people, please contact me.
Here's that bug--

  [1] <cl> :dn
  Evaluation stack:

     (ERROR "Invalid initialization argument ~S for class ~S" :NAME ...)
   ->(PCL::CHECK-INITARGS-1 #<Standard-Class PROGRAM-FRAMEWORK 42216176>
                            (:NAME LISP-WINDOW :COMMAND-TABLE ...) ...)
                    :NAME ...)
     (APPLY #<Function (METHOD MAKE-INSTANCE (STANDARD-CLASS)) @ #x713096>
            #<Standard-Class PROGRAM-FRAMEWORK 42216176> ...)