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Where to get EW

    Date: Wed, 16 May 90 07:57:38 PDT
    From: ames!ibuki.com!rww@uw-beaver.UUCP (Richard Weyhrauch)

    Could someone post where to get some "current" version of EW.  
    Richard Weyhrauch

To my knowledge the ONLY publicly available (anonymous ftp) version of
EW can be had from either:

	trix.ai.mit.edu  [IP Address:]
	(in the /pub directory)


	uunet.uu.net [IP Address:]
	(in the /lisp directory)

The file on both hosts is called express-windows.tar.Z (dated April 3rd
on trix and April 2nd on uunet).

Stephen L. Nicoud  <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!snicoud
Boeing Advanced Technology Center for Computer Sciences