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bug in lisp 4.0 beta

I managed to narrow the problem to the following function: streamp

(in-package :user)

(defpackage ew (:shadow lisp:streamp))

(in-package :ew)

(defun streamp (object)
  (or (lisp:typep object 'window)
      (lisp-streamp object)))

(defun setup-lisp-functions (&OPTIONAL (functions '(lisp:streamp)))
  (dolist (function functions)
    (let ((local-name (intern (concatenate 'STRING "LISP-" (symbol-name function)) (find-package "EW")))
	  (new-function (intern (symbol-name function) (find-package "EW")))
	  (cl-function function))
      (unless (fboundp local-name)
	(setf (symbol-function local-name) (symbol-function cl-function)))
      (when (fboundp new-function)
	(setf (symbol-function cl-function) (symbol-function new-function))))))

If you then do:
You get:

Nasty recursive error in debugger.
Expanding main stack due to overflow...
Expanded.  Please be patient--it will take a
few minutes to build debugger data structures.
Expanding main stack due to overflow...