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[spr1822] Font problem with Express-windows, ACL, DS3100

This problem has been solved.

The cause is that there is no -bitstream-charter font family in UWS 2.2. 
The fix is a neutralization of the (:charter ... form in (setq *Font-Table*
... in fonts.lisp. I used #-:dec3100 (which is not completely satisfactory,
apparently, there is no feature for discriminating the MIT X server from the
DEC one),

I couldn't find this (trivial) error because of my illiteracy in X, thanks to
Franz Inc. support for suggesting it and giving the advice function to
pinpoint it which I reproduce here: 

(setq fns (xlib:list-font-names *x-display* "*"))
(advise xlib:open-font :before :check-name nil
  (let ((name (second arglist)))
    (unless (member name fns :test #'string-equal)
      (error "Bad font name ~a." name))))

J-F Rit