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Express Windows (Poor Man's CLIM?) and CMUCL 16f


I downloaded EW from the lisp repository and I am trying to make it
run under CMUCL v16f.

I have a couple of questions about the package (I hope who wrote the
original package is still around to answer).

1) Has anybody tried to to the same (i.e. loading EW under CMUCL)

2) Why one must redefine the i/o functions (e.g. lisp:format ==>
   ew:lisp-format): the original functions are shadowed in the
   packages defined by EW, so I do not see the need for such
   redefinition (which seems to be the cause of CMUCL barfing on the
   file 'io-functions').

3) Under CMUCL it should be possible to use the function
   'system::serve-event' for X related code. Has anybody any
   suggestion on its use?

Thanks in advance

Marco Antoniotti
Robotics Lab		| room: 1219 - tel. #: (212) 998 3370
Courant Institute NYU	| e-mail: marcoxa@cs.nyu.edu