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Lucid Debugger

    I am currently in the throws of implementing a window-based
debugger interface for Lucid (Sun) Common Lisp on top of express
windows.  (For those who don't already know, express windows does
not mix well with debuggers...)

    I have managed to achieve most of what I want to do, but
there is one last nagging problem;  how do I make the ":A"
(abort) command stop throwing all the way to the lisp top level?
(My applictation also has its own top level function, to which I
would like to return after errors.)  I have tried catching
throws to system:top-level, but this does not work.

    Could anyone (especially anyone at lucid...) throw me a useful

-- Mark Brinsmead
   Alberta Research Council

   email:     mdb@arcsun.arc.ab.ca    --or--   mdb@[]
   telephone: (403) 297-2662