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Re: EW under Apollo Domain Lisp

> The problem is in the definition of type-of. PCL appears to not allow
> the use of type-of to find the type of a class so EW does one of
> it's little substitution tricks to redirect this call to the right PCL
> call. (typep pcl::standard-class-p <object>) Unfortunatley this function
> does not exist in CLOS. Fortunatley CLOS can use type-of to return the
> type of a class. Use #-clos to switch out the defintion of type-of in
> type.lisp, the references to type-of in *functions-shadowed* in
> io-functions.lisp and *common-lisp-functins-shadowed* [or something] in
> symbols.lisp.  This will then prevent shadowing type-of in the package
> EW when CLOS is loaded.
When you start fixing up your calls with respect to type-of, pay careful
attention to the code that does type matching for presentations.
For instance, subtypep may do different things as well.  One problem I had
was that the behavior of subtypep was not consistent between Lucid, Franz,
and Symbolics.  If your lisp handles types correctly you may be able to
eliminate several hacks like the above mentioned hack.

Andrew L. Ressler