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IJCAI-85 Registration -- Please post

The International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence will be
meeting in Los Angeles (at UCLA) August 18-23, 1985.  Conference
brochures (including registration information) have already been mailed
out.  If you have not received one, or would like extras, contact

	c/o AAAI
	445 Burgess Drive
	Menlo Park, CA 94025
	415-328-3123 or 415-321-1118

Registration will be limited to 5,000 people.  Based on early projections,
up to 7,000 people may wish to attend, so early registration is highly
encouraged (if not necessary).

As a bonus, early registrants will receive a substantial reduction in
registration costs.  Through June 28, registration fees are $175 ($80 for
students); for registrations received after June 28 but prior to July 26,
fees will be $225 ($100 for students); and for on-site registration (if
available), fees will be $275 ($125 for students).  Substantial reductions
for early tutorial registrations are also in effect.

Further information on the technical conference, the tutorials, the
exhibition, and housing can be found in the conference brochure.