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Re: Franz Lisp applications

A correction to one of the entries.

	From: franz!schlafly@Berkeley (Roger Schlafly)

	+ Flavors
	An object oriented extension of Lisp, developed at  MIT  and
	the  University  of  Maryland.   Used  on the Symbolics Lisp
	machines.  Available from Franz Inc. at no  charge  to  pur-
	chasers of Franz Lisp.

Actually, there are two implmentations of flavors available for
Franz; one written at MIT and the other at Univ of Maryland.  Franz
Inc distributes the one from MIT and we (at UofM) distribute our
version as part of the Maryland software distribution (which includes
Franz 38.91).  For more information about getting our distribution,
contact Bob Bane bane@gymble.arpa or seismo!umcp-cs!bane.