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bugs using flavors (and more)

I recently installed opus 38.91 on our VAX780 under 4.2BSD. The
installation went smoothly. The files used for the installation appear
to be the most recent available from ucbkim. This includes the flavors
stuff with appropriate modifications (for example, fixing hash.l to use
"vsize" instead of "getlength" on a vector). The flavors stuff I scarfed
TODAY was dated October 2nd I believe. Anyway, I tried out some things
with flavors and, in particular, with "describe"...with the
following result (done with "script"):
% lisp
Franz Lisp, Opus 38.91
-> (defflavor ob () () :settable-instance-variables)
[autoload /usr/lib/lisp/flavors]
[fasl /usr/lib/lisp/flavors.o]
[fasl /usr/lib/lisp/machacks.o]
[fasl /usr/lib/lisp/lmhacks.o]
[fasl /usr/lib/lisp/flavorm.o]
[fasl /usr/lib/lisp/vanilla.o]
-> (describe 'ob)
[autoload /usr/lib/lisp/describe]
[fasl /usr/lib/lisp/describe.o]

ob has property flavor: flavor[17]
Error: Undefined function called from compiled code  defstruct-description-name
<1>: (exit)
[Well, "defstruct-description-name" is used all over the
"/usr/lib/lisp/struct.l" set of functions...apparently mostly with no
arguments...which, I think, is wrong. One fix made by SMH to "describe.l" 
replaced a call on this macro with one with an argument. But that's NOT this
problem anyway.]

(1) Is there a known fix to get the "describe", or anything else that
	 uses the "defstruct-description-name" macro, working correctly?

(2) Could it be that some sort of extended "defflavor" would load in an
	 appropriate file which on-the-fly defines this macro? That is,
	 did I do TOO simple a "defflavor"? [For example, doing:

		(load '/usr/pub/lisp/struct.l)

	 allows one to "(pp defstruct-description-name)" showing that
	 it requires an argument...without the "load" it is undefined.]

(3) Could the copy of the ftpable (???) opus38.91 files we have be out
	 of date (seem to be from around June 84)?

Any help would be much appreciated. We are attempting to develop
some stuff for use on both an LMI Lisp Machine and the VAX. This has
thrown the proverbial wrench into the work(s)...

Russ <Smith@nrl-aic>
Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (whew!)