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Re: porting franz to an Apollo

	From @MIT-MC:shivers@cmu-cs-h Fri Feb  3 21:03:46 1984
	Subject: porting franz to an Apollo
	Why would anybody want to port franz to an Apollo when there is already
	a much nicer lisp implemented for Apollos: T.
I hope the original inquirer gives his/her reasons. The question is reasonable
since Franz runs on so many other 68000 systems, Apollo would seem to
be a good prospect.  (At Berkeley we haven't heard of any port to Apollo.)
	T runs on Apollos, Berkeley Unix vaxen, and VMS vaxen.
There are at least 7 Lisps on VAXes: NIL, PSL, T, YLISP, Interlisp, Common
Lisp and Franz.