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LISPcraft, a book on Lisp and Franz.

  A new Lisp book is due out March 23rd which may be especially interesting 
to Franz Lisp users or potential Franz Lisp users.   The title
is `LISPcraft' and it was written by Robert Wilensky, a Computer Science
professor at Berkeley who teaches AI programming courses.
  The book starts at first principles and teaches Lisp programming, and then 
goes on to Franz-specific topics such as debugging, read macros, error 
handling, and compilation.   Then there are chapters on Lisp 
applications: pattern matching and databases.  Finally it contains 
a complete description of all Franz functions.

LISPcraft, by Robert Wilensky    385 pages, $19.95
publisher: W. W. Norton, 500 5th Avenue, N.Y. N.Y.  10110