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Re: Franz flavors?

Here at the Univ of Maryland, we do have an implementation of
flavors in Franz Lisp and have used it successfully in several
large systems.  It doesn't contain all the features of the Lisp
Machine Flavors, but it does implement all the major ones.  It is
also different in a few ways that are necessitated by the limitations
of Franz Lisp (shallow binding without invisible pointers or true
closures -- though closures may be in the very newest versions of
Franz -- we have opus 38.26).  The package uses a hashing scheme
for looking up methods, and the function <- which is used to send
a message to an object is written in C.  Together, this makes it
an efficient implementation.

We are currently working on a new policy for distributing flavors,
our other lisp packages and our window package.  When we have worked
it out, I will announce the details here.