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research position at edinburgh

                           UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH

                              RESEARCH FELLOW

A Research Fellowship is available within the Programming Systems Development
Group.  The post has been created specifically to provide a modern LISP system
for the Perq computer running under ICL MicroCode UNIX, and is funded by the
Science and Engineering Research Council.

Experience in implementing systems would be advantageous, as would be a
knowledge of LISP and C.  Access will be available to an SERC DECsystem-10
running TOPS-10 and to a University VAX 750 running Berkeley UNIX, as well as
to Perqs.

The appointment will be made on the salary range 1B/1A, 5550 - 10670 pounds
sterling, according to age and experience.  The post is funded for a period of
two years from the date of appointment.

Further particulars of the post can be obtained from:

	Administrative Assistant
	Department of Artificial Intelligence
	University of Edinburgh
	Forrest Hill
	Edinburgh  EH1 2QL
	031-667-1011 x2554

or by contacting

	RAE%EDXA%UCL-CS@ISID		(Networks permitting)

Applications should be made by March 17th, 1983.