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Space and Leakage

Can someone tell me how the maximum amount of storage that franz
lisp uses is decided? I can force the size up to (about) 3050
pages (according to "ps") and then get the message "storage exhausted".
I have been told (and have seen) other jobs get substantially more
space; can franz get more pages as well? (I am using the cshell
and have already used the limit command to raise my process
size up to 32 megabytes, or so I think.)
I have also been told that the garbage collector leaks, that is,
not all of the garbage is really collected. Does anyone have good
ideas about how much (or fast) this happens, or if there is some way
to minimize the lost space?
(Please send responses directly to me as I am not on this list.)
                        -Mark Sherman (Sherman@CMU-CS-A)