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emacs interface to franz?

We have a simple interface from Franz to Emacs, but I much prefer to go the
other way, i.e. run Franz as a inferior job under Emacs.  I believe there
are several Emacs packages which allow one to run inferior jobs in an Emacs
window (I have my own which is, unfortunately totally undocumented). Some of
the benefits of this set up include:

    - one has all of the text editing functions available in Emacs
    - one has many lisp-based editing functions available in Emacs
      (thru mock-lisp packages like electriclisp)
    - one has a history of the session in the editing buffer
    - one has an environment which supports multiple concurrent
      processes running in seperate windows.
    - it is very easy to experiment with new interface features such as
      symbol completion and re-evaluation of previously issued commands