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Re: Flavor system

	Date: 25 October 1982 16:29-EDT
	From: ECC@MIT-MC@Berkeley
	Subject:  Flavor system

	Can someone give me a pointer to the Franz flavor system
	developed by U. Maryland?  I am looking for information on how to
	FTP the files -- what machine, whether public, what files, etc.

Since the U. of Maryland is not (yet) an Arpanet host, you can't
FTP files directly from here.  We are right now completing some
documentation for all of our hacks -- including documentation for
some recent improvements for our flavors system.  When that
documentation is complete, we will be ready to distribute the
packages developed here.  Besides flavors, this includes a top
level called userexec which is based on INTERLISP's top level and
a production system called YAPS similar to but more flexible than

We are supposed to become an Arpanet host in a few months...  (Read
open ended period of time.)  Meanwhile, if you would like to get
our code, mail me a tape, and I will mail it back with the code and
documentation on it.  I'd appreciate it if someone would volunteer
to let other folks FTP the files from their machine until we do
become an Arpanet host.  My address is:

	Liz Allen
	Univ of Maryland
	Dept of Computer Science
	College Park MD 20783
	(301) 454-4247