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info on readers and benchmarks

I am interested in the following software, and would appreciate any
information on any aspect of them.

1. A Lisp reader function (equivalent to the standard 'read') but
   which can be driven from a BNF (or other) specification of a grammar
   that describes acceptable input. This is similar to a parser, but
   I would also like to have the dynamic capabilities offered by the
   standard Franz reader (like associating functions/macros with characters
   and being able to change the syntactical meaning of symbols (a la
   syntax classes)

2. Are there any existing benchmarks available for Lisps. I am specifically
   interested in any that exercise Lisps in ways similar to the way CAD
   systems would do (e.g. lots of creation, modification, and traversing
   of structures).

Thanks for any information that you may be able to provide,

			Dorab Patel
			UCLA   (213) 825-7276