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Vax prolog interpreter

I have transported Clocksin and Mellish's PDP-11 Prolog interpreter to
the VAX.  Its main advantage is for teaching: it is covered by their
introductory text (Programming in Prolog, Springer-Verlag, 1981), and
is somewhat compatible with Edinburgh DEC-10 Prolog.  Its main
disadvantage is that it runs slowly and has internal memory
limitations: it is not suited for much practical work.  My
modifications to their system (and to some Berkeley Unix code) are
gratis, but you must obtain permission from the original authors and
send a copy of their letter to me.  Write to

	Chris Mellish and Bill Clocksin
	Department of Artificial Intelligence
	University of Edinburgh
	Hope Park Square, Meadow Lane
	Edinburgh EH8 9NW

Chris has recently moved to the University of Sussex; I don't have his new
address, but the above should serve.

	Paul Eggert
	Department of Computer Science
	University of California
	Santa Barbara, CA 93106