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Re: a new production system

This is to announce YAPS (Yet Another Production System).  It is currently
implemented in Franz Lisp and is running on the Univ of Maryland's VAX 11/780.
It has a discrimination net similar to the net used in OPS5 and runs at a
comparable speed.  In addition, YAPS allows arbitrary tests on the left hand
sides of productions (using any number of variables) and arbitrary actions
on the right hand sides.  If you're interested in YAPS, a Maryland Tech Report
will be available shortly, TR-1146, and will be a user's manual.  Also, you may
contact me at liz@mit-ai.

We also have available a flavor package that contains a reasonable subset of
the things described in the MIT Lisp Machine Manual.  This was written by
Rich Wood.  Either contact me or rwood@isib.

				Liz Allen

				Univ of Maryland
				Dept of Computer Science
				College Park, MD 20783